Little Miss and the Birthday Cut

Did I mention that when Little Miss came home from her grandma’s house last weekend she had cut her own hair? Now, she’s six, so cutting her own hair isn’t exactly a surprise to me. She’s in that age group. Here’s the thing though. She HATES getting her hair cut. I can count on one hand how many haircuts she’s had in her lifetime. Okay, maybe two because she’s gotten better on getting it trimmed, but it’s been a fight for as long as I can remember. Her hair has always just gotten longer and longer. She’s had bangs a couple times, but that doesn’t really count to me. Here is what her hair looked like in December:

Little Miss is on the right. Her cousin is to the left.

Usually when it comes to getting a trim, we start by talking about how it’s important to keep our hair trimmed so that it stays healthy, which is why we brush it regularly, use conditioner, etc. Then I bring up the fact that it’s time to get her hair trimmed so we will be going to do that in the next week or so when I can get us an appointment. To which her response is, “NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! DON’T CUT MY HAAAAAAAAAAAAIR…” You get the idea.

We recently added bangs to her hair in an effort to keep it out of her face. They’re very cute. We also got to the point where it was too hard for her to take care of her own hair (I try to foster some independence in her) so she and I talked about it and, despite her sobbing, I told her that we were going to cut it a little shorter so it was easier to take care of. I reassured her that it would still be fairly long, but not so long that she couldn’t manage it. It went from the small of her back to the middle of her back and that seemed to be a much better length for her at six years of age.

So when she came home and had cut her hair, I wasn’t surprised, but I was surprised. If that makes any sense at all. She took two large chunks out of the front and apparently some out of the side as well. When I informed her that it would probably have to be cut much shorter in order to fix it, she burst into tears and started yelling “NO” at me. I calmly but sternly told her that it wasn’t my decision to cut it short, it needed to be fixed and that was her own doing. So last night we went to have it fixed.

Here’s the result:

After 45 minutes of trimming and trying to even her hair up.

It’s not perfect. She moved around a lot, but I think it’s very cute. It looks a lot healthier at least and it’ll be easy for her to take care of. I just have to shake my head at that girl though. All that drama for all those years about having her hair cut and then she cuts it herself. *Shakes head*

Have you ever cut your own hair, had your kids cut their own hair, or gotten a haircut that you had to have fixed using drastic methods? I’d love to hear about it.



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