P is for Passenger by Deftones feat. Maynard Keenan

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This song was a Batdad pick actually. He recommended it and I chose it from the list of other “P” songs. My problem was this: I wanted to only include music videos from the original artists in this challenge, and I couldn’t find one that the Deftones actually did themselves. I was actually pretty excited when I found the song paired with clips from the movie Sin City though. Sin City is one of Batdad’s favorite movies so it seemed appropriate.

This song was on Deftones’ third album White Pony. According to Chino Moreno, Maynard Keenan (of Tool and A Perfect Circle) was not intended to be on the album, they didn’t plan on having any guests on the record at all. Moreno says,

Honestly, when he first started working with us, he wasn’t supposed to sing with us. He was just working on the arrangements, riff structures, time signatures, and things like that. It was good to have someone else who has different ways of writing songs, ’cause everyone has a different way of doing it. He came in and we started working on this one song in particular, and he just grabbed the microphone and started singing along to it. All of a sudden our band sounded like Tool; it was just crazy. Then, probably two months later, we went in to record the album, and I just kept hearing this re-occurring melody with his voice coming over it. So I called him and asked him if he wanted to come down and sing on the record, and he had no problem with it. Once he came in, I gave him sort of what I wanted the song to be about, and he wrote a couple of ideas down, and the next day he came in with all the lyrics written all out with blank spaces where my lyrics were supposed to be. He’s very professional like that. He wants everything set perfectly, which is the complete opposite to the way that I write. And then I went in and did my vocals over it, and it just seemed that our voices blended together pretty good. Yeah, it came out pretty good, so we decided to put it on the record.

If you’re not a metal fan then this song is probably not for you. It’s great angry music, especially if you can crank it up and drive fast (but safely, please). What do you guys think? Are you still enjoying the selection or are you hoping for something different? Let me know in the comments!




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