W is for Wagon Wheel by Old Crow Medicine Show

Okay okay, I know that Darius Rucker did a version of this song and it was a big hit blah blah blah. I don’t care about Darius Rucker. For me, this is the original version of this song, and it’s the best, hands down. I’m biased because this is mine and Batdad’s song. One of them at least. I have a deep fondness for bluegrass, and I love the twang of this song. Plus,  you can hook me on almost any song with the use of cello or fiddle (violin or viola). Batdad told me once upon a yesteryear, long ago when we dated once before, that this song made him think of me, and it just stuck.

The song is sung from a man’s point of view as he hitchhikes south along the eastern coast of the US, from New England down through Roanoke (Virginia), hoping to get to Raleigh (North Carolina) where his lover is. As he’s walking South of Roanoke, he catches a ride with a trucker traveling from Philly westward to the Cumberland Gap and Johnson City, Tennessee. Though that’s not the right direction, and the writer of the song, Ketch Secor, admits that his geography was a bit off when he wrote the lyrics, I think that it adds to the story of trying to get to his “baby” and having a hard time of it.

Here are the lyrics to the song and here is more information about the Blogging from A to Z Challenge. Only a few days left! What have you guys thought about the music overall? Is there anything you wish I would have included?



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