A Much Delayed Thankful Thursday: Weeks 5, 6, & 7

I know that I’m behind here. Still having technical difficulties with uploading images too. Thanks for your patience guys. Here we go!

Week 5

Monday 4/20: Free coffee cards for Monday mornings. An awesome babysitter that is laid back and loves Little Man. I love that he’s always happy to see her.

Tuesday 4/21: Snuggle and relax time watching movies with Little Man and doing absolutely nothing.

Wednesday 4/22: Wine, lunch and dinner with my lovely Mother-in-law, new stem less wine glasses, and tax returns.

Thursday 4/23: What we believe was a successful surgery for my grandma. And a kitchen sink that no longer leaks.

Friday 4/24: An easygoing Friday, ending with a great dinner with Batdad and Little Man and watching movies.

Saturday 4/25: A relaxing day with the in-laws and other family at Little Miss’s last soccer game for the season, then just hanging out at home.

Sunday 4/26: Hanging out at a local festival with my mom and cousin, Batdad getting off work early, and pizza for dinner.

Week 6

Monday 4/27: Four day work weeks.

Tuesday 4/28: Watching as Little Miss’s love of reading grows. She’s starting to read chapter books by herself. I think that’s pretty impressive for a 7-year-old.

Wednesday 4/29: Lovely, thoughtful, early birthday presents from my family.

Thursday 4/30: Early Friday- Batdad getting off early (he was scheduled to work late). Early birthday dinners and movie nights.

Friday 5/1: Birthdays spent relaxing with my family- Fantastic Elk Steak made by Batdad as mu ACTUAL birthday dinner and NEW BOOKS!

Saturday 5/2: The chance to take my littles to a Renaissance Fair and spend time with the in-laws

Sunday 5/3: A father-in-law that does projects with me.

Week 7

Monday 5/4: An opportunity to try something new at work.

Tuesday 5/5: Getting comfortable in different areas at work, stretching myself to adapt.

Wednesday 5/6: Good news about my Grandma (again)! Her cancer is NOT invasive! WOO HOO!!!!

Thursday 5/7: Doctors that actually know what they’re doing. Gritting my teeth and getting things done at work.

Friday 5/8: The end of a long work week. My MIL staying to help with the littles since Batdad and I are sick.

Saturday 5/9: Not having strep throat, FIL building my planter fence so the dogs stay out of my plants

Sunday 5/10: Belated Birthday/Mother’s Day BBQ with my parents, lovely gifts, a new outfit, and yet another new book.

What are YOU thankful for today, this week, this moment, this month?



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