My Little Dream Box

My friend The Girl in the Glasses posted a Motivational Monday post yesterday (Dear, Future Me) that I thought was SO clever. You can and SHOULD pop over to read her post, but in it she highlights a website called My Little Dream Box. The site is a place you can write your future self a letter and it will hold the letter for exactly 365 days then deliver it to your email inbox. How clever!

We’re watching over your dreams – to give you the desire to make them come true, send yourself an email that you will receive in the future. In 365 days precisely, and not a day more, a message will be waiting for you in your inbox, to help you confront your personal challenges.
Follow your dreams.

Personally, I’ll be writing myself a few letters this year, I think. The one I just wrote pointed out things that I want to try to do over the next year, and asked my future self if I have achieved them. I also wrote a couple of things that are current milestones for the kids so that I can look back and remember what they were up to. Kids grow so fast, it’s easy to forget things. So this has prompted an interesting set of thoughts in my head. What’s important to you right now? What do you want to achieve in the next year? Where do you want to be in your life? What do you want to make happen? I, as always, would love to hear about it, but if you don’t want to tell me, maybe a letter to yourself would be just thing for you!



Weird Family Dynamics

Today is my Ex-husband’s birthday. Yes, EX. It’s somewhat relevant because we have a child together. Little Miss is biologically his, and technically, ONLY technically, Batdad’s step-daughter. We don’t quantify our family connections that way, he’s just her other dad, but that’s a whole different subject.

One of the interesting things about my life is that I met both my ex-husband and Batdad in Junior High (middle school). So I’ve known them both for at least half of my life. My ex and I were very good friends through school and never dated until after we graduated, but I digress.

We’ve been divorced for about 5 years now, and one of the things that I’ve always wanted for my daughter is for her to be able to have mixed family holidays without awkwardness. I’ve always strived to keep the peace between our families for her sake and I think that it’s finally paying off. Little Miss’s birthday is in the middle of February and for the last two years her dad and I have split the cost of her party. This year she had a bowling party and while she and her friends bowled, Batdad bowled with her dad and his dad. Everyone laughed and joked and had a good time.

For the last couple of years I’ve noticed that more and more, my interactions with her dad have been closer to the friendship we used to have. More and more he’s becoming the person he used to be, the friend I used to have. Now, I don’t think that it will ever get to the point where we call and confide in each other or call and complain about our day, the way we used to do before we dated, but I’ll take conversations that aren’t awkward where we can just talk naturally and joke on occasion.

Little Miss made her dad a birthday card over the weekend and his mom stopped by last night to pick it up and mail it for her. I promised her that this evening we would call and wish him a Happy Birthday. As someone who I used to be very good friends with, I’m thankful that I can now call and wish him a Happy Birthday without the awkwardness as well.

Do you have any strange family dynamics in your family? What mixed family traditions or struggles do you have?




I’m a soccer (football to the rest of the world) fan. Yup. I can’t really stand American football. I think it’s boring and no matter how many times I watch it and have it explained to me, I don’t understand it and I don’t really care. I’d much rather watch “soccer.” This could be due to the fact that my brother played soccer for most of our youth and he was rather good. Don’t tell him I said that though, ha!

So, all of that was my way of leading into my assignment for Blogging201.

Today’s assignment: consider what you want to accomplish with your blog. Write down three concrete goals you want to achieve.

Goals. Yes. Like in soccer.

Okay, so here are my three blog-related goals for the next couple of months.

At least 3 posts a week including at least 2 features.

  • A Saturday feature: Saturday Shenanigans featuring stories of Husband Shenanigans.
  • A Photo feature. I have a hard time just letting an image speak for itself. I have to talk about what it means to me and why I chose it, etc. etc. I’d like to do a feature that is only a photo posed with the simple question of “What does this make you think of or feel?” or maybe just a quote that accompanies the photo.
  • One post a week covering a random topic: parenting, DIY, sewing, crafting, tutorials, a random bit of my life, etc.

Eventually have a guest spot to showcase some other awesome, talented people. Maybe once or twice a month. I have already found so many talented bloggers, and know so many talented people in my life that I would love to spread some of that talent around the interwebs.

Double my current following within the next 3 months. Fairly self-explanatory.

As an additional goal, and also part of the second assignment for Blogging201, I’ll be reassessing my page theme and layout and making some updates to it. I hope you all stick around for these changes. I can’t wait!


Blogging A-Z Challenge

Usually my day starts with logging into WordPress and browsing my Reader to see what’s new. Well, in my browsing this morning I stumbled across this prompt for the month of April. I highly believe in being prepared. “Have a plan, work the plan,” as my mom says. I found this prompt fascinating. A-Z Challenge: What is Blogging from A to Z? The concept is simple. Blog every day in the month of April (except Sundays) with a new letter each day as the theme. Head to the link for more in-depth information. I’ll be participating. I love themes. 🙂 Who else is in?