My Little Dream Box

My friend The Girl in the Glasses posted a Motivational Monday post yesterday (Dear, Future Me) that I thought was SO clever. You can and SHOULD pop over to read her post, but in it she highlights a website called My Little Dream Box. The site is a place you can write your future self a letter and it will hold the letter for exactly 365 days then deliver it to your email inbox. How clever!

We’re watching over your dreams – to give you the desire to make them come true, send yourself an email that you will receive in the future. In 365 days precisely, and not a day more, a message will be waiting for you in your inbox, to help you confront your personal challenges.
Follow your dreams.

Personally, I’ll be writing myself a few letters this year, I think. The one I just wrote pointed out things that I want to try to do over the next year, and asked my future self if I have achieved them. I also wrote a couple of things that are current milestones for the kids so that I can look back and remember what they were up to. Kids grow so fast, it’s easy to forget things. So this has prompted an interesting set of thoughts in my head. What’s important to you right now? What do you want to achieve in the next year? Where do you want to be in your life? What do you want to make happen? I, as always, would love to hear about it, but if you don’t want to tell me, maybe a letter to yourself would be just thing for you!



Thankful Thursday: A new weekly installation

Well, I promised you lovely people a new weekly feature, and here it is! Week One of Thankful Thursdays. It’s easy to get caught up in all the stresses of life and focus so much on correcting the things that are going wrong/amiss that you forget to focus on all the good things are still happening in life. Anyone else guilty of this?kLCASm4

I know I am. I started keeping a gratitude journal. It’s not too intensive, I just reflect on my day or the previous day and write one thing that I’m thankful for. So Thursdays, I’ll be sharing the previous week’s gratitude entries and I’d love for ya’ll to share some things you’re grateful as well! It may take me a couple posts to decide on a format I like for these posts, but I’ll try not to change it up too much.

Here we go!

3/23 Monday: I’m thankful that my little sister likes to spend time with me and my family at my house with my niece and nephew.

3/24 Tuesday: I’m thankful for my home. It may be tiny and cramped, but it’s ours and it’s also cozy and full of love (most of the time, haha)

3/25 Wednesday: As odd as it sounds, I’m thankful for my pudgy belly. It helps my massive toddler get comfortable when I’m holding him, and he loves to lay his head on it when we snuggle on the couch.

3/26 Thursday: I’m thankful for sinus medication, my air conditioner, and a comfy/soft blanket to snuggle under while I feel like crap.

3/27 Friday: Comfortable dresses that I can wear to work. Decorative and functional.

3/28 Saturday: Great deals on furniture and my craft capabilities for reupholstering them.

Before new fabric
After new fabric

3/29 Sunday: I’m thankful for my sweet niece and nephew. It’s wonderful being able to spend so much time with them, and to have the wisdom to know that me having another child would mean the end of any remaining sanity I’ve managed to retain after two children of my own.

So there we go! What are YOU thankful for this week?


A “Bad” Case of the Mondays

It’s not that bad. I’m very tired today, but I think that’s sort of a Monday-staple. So on Friday afternoon when I got off work, it was just Little Man and I for a little bit. I was on a mission to find new dining room chairs on the cheap since the ones we have currently spin. Spinning chairs+children= potential disaster. So I grabbed Little Man, we went to Dutch Bros where I got a green tea and he got a juice as a little treat, then we went to our local Habitat for Humanity to have a look of what they had. I found two chairs there and Little Man got some popcorn (he LOVES popcorn). I chose not to buy the chairs since I didn’t have the truck with me and I wanted to check some yard sales Saturday to see if I found anything I liked better.

Saturday I got up and decided the yard sale thing was a go since Little Man was in a pretty good mood and the weather was nice, and we could hit up Habitat again if I didn’t find anything. One of my girlfriends came with us, but there wasn’t much in the way of good yard sales happening. My theory is that the weather has been so unpredictable that people are choosing to wait on the yard sale thing. So back to Habitat we went to get the two chairs I had liked despite them being a terrible green color. I also ended up buying a new (to me) dining room table that the chairs (both new and spinning) would fit under a little better. Then I headed to Little Miss’s soccer game which ended up being just a scrimmage due to the other team only having 3 teammates in attendance. It was cute though and all the kids had fun. While cleaning the chairs up after I got home from the game I pulled the seat and back off and realized how easy they were going to be to reupholster so we ran to the fabric store. I spent the rest of the evening cleaning up the kitchen to make room for the new table and reupholstering one of the chairs (it only took about an hour). I waited to do the other until Batdad got home and decided whether or not he liked what I did to the first one.

Sunday I woke up at 5:30am to watch my niece and nephew. My sister had to work at 6 and her boyfriend had plans for his birthday, so being the AWESOME sister I am, I said I would watch them. Now, they’re great kids, but Nephew is 5 and Niece is 6 months old. Combine that with Little Man, who is almost 2, and you have potential chaos. Little Miss was at her Grandma’s house for the weekend as her other dad was in town. Little Man and Niece .60 (ya like what I did there?) both wanted to cry at me at the same time all day, Little Man was being very jealous, he woke Niece .60 up twice while she was sleeping, and just in general it was a lot of extra work. It pretty much solidified in my mind that I’m not having anymore children. I know people that have children close together in age but I’m not one of those people. There is a 5 year age difference between my kids and I’ve never understood wanting to have a toddler and a baby at the same time. So much work. Anyway, after they left I continued with my cleaning and ended up staying up until 2am trying to fold all the laundry I’ve fallen behind on.

It might sound like a boring weekend, but it was full full full. How about all of you lovely people? How was your weekend? Do anything fun, interesting, or monotonous?

Don’t forget that the Blogging from A to Z Challenge starts on Wednesday and the theme here will be Music and Music Videos!


Things that have made me smile this week

After the heavy post yesterday, I wanted to lighten the mood a bit today and list a few things that have lifted my soul up this week.

    • Little Miss at her first soccer practice. After running her first drill (dribbling a ball through zig-zagging cones), she immediately sat down. I hollered from the sidelines, “What are you doing?” And she looked over at me and hollered back, “I’m just resting my legs for a minute!” Seriously child? She had run all of 30 feet total. We might need to work on soccer a bit.
    • Batdad dramatically pointed at things/people with his comically splinted and wrapped finger. Also his interpretation of the “Foam Finger #1” in the air because of random cool things. If you missed the picture of that, here ya go:wpid-20150311_114832.jpg
    • Little Man discovering pockets in his pants. The other night he realized that he had back pockets on his overalls. He put his hand in one back pocket, gasped, and said, “A BUTT!” I could NOT stop laughing.
    • My niece (5 months old) sitting next to me while I was eating dinner last night, trying to grab steak off of my plate, and babbling baby cuss words at me when I pulled the steak away from her. Her big smile when I was holding her up so she could jump on my stomach, and her baby-conversation as she talked to me during that time.
    • My nephew saying that he would like yogurt after dinner last night, my sister and I telling him there was no yogurt, him saying that he finished all of his food and my sister asking him if he was still hungry. He said yes and she asked what he would like more of, to which he replied, “Yogurt.” Persistent kid.
    • My sister texting me while she was at the grocery store last night, “Wine?” When I didn’t reply she just showed up with the wine and said, “I assumed since you didn’t answer, that just meant yes.” Which led to a humorous (and sarcastic) conversation about consent.
    • Wine. Wine definitely made me smile this week.

How about you? What made you smile this week? What things lifted up your soul?



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Sobriety. If you don’t have a drug or alcohol problem, it probably doesn’t seem like that difficult of a thing. At the same time, it probably isn’t a problem for you to walk into a bar and have a drink, or two, and stop. Addicts don’t have that ability. While I’m not addicted to alcohol or drugs, I can say that I’m addicted to caffeine and I struggle with a sugar addiction as well. Seems lame in comparison, doesn’t it? I suppose the closest I can some to comparing would be to deprive myself of caffeine for a couple days and see how sick and irritable I feel. Eventually those feelings will dissipate though. Eventually I’ll get used to not having caffeine in my system and I won’t crave it anymore. For an addict, that never happens.

My husband is an addict. On March 18th he celebrates 5 years of sobriety. I am so proud of him. I know I will never understand the struggle he endures daily. I do my best to support him in his sobriety, even though I still drink on occasion and have been drunk around him. I try to never put him in a position that makes him uncomfortable. I make sure that I ask him frequently if we are in a situation where his comfort is questionable and I never judge him or get offended if he wants to leave or needs to remove himself.  I always ask him to be honest with me because I care more about him than drinking or keeping him in a situation where he feels the urge to drink.

Since his 5 year “un-belly-button birthday” is coming up, his sobriety and addiction have both been topics that we have been discussing a lot. As someone who is not an addict, I realize that I have no clue what being an addict is like. So I said to him, “I’m writing a post about sobriety. Anything you have to say about it that is important or profound?” Always one to deliver exactly what I’m looking for, this is what he said to me about it:

Addiction is a beast you are never free of and are only granted a 24 hour reprieve. At times that consists of only trying to focus on being sober today or this hour or, in rough times, minute by minute, but with trust in a higher power and an understanding of one’s own emotional states you can chain together a series of days. I live my life knowing that I may be drunk tomorrow, but as long as I try to make the next right choice and focus on my actions I only have to worry about staying sober today. In that, I find serenity from my demons.

I am completely awestruck by this man on a daily basis. 5 years is a long time to live day by day. 1,826 days of sobriety. I’m blessed to be a part of them.

Do you know and love an addict? I am not a part of Alanon or any groups like that, though I’ve considered it. What helps you get through your life as part of your addict’s support group? I’d love to hear your stories!


The Absence of Inspiration

This last week has been a difficult one in our family. Mustache leaving has thrown off the orbit of our family’s day to day activities. We’re getting better, but I have to confess that I haven’t felt much like writing. I know that I’ve missed quite a few of the Blogging 101 assignments at this point and hopefully I’ll get caught up, but I’m not putting too much pressure on myself.

The winning story of Husband Shenanigans was “Can you Canoe.” Batdad has agreed to submit to an interview so I can make sure I don’t leave anything out. Hopefully I’ll have that up soon as well as a couple other things that I’ve been working on lately. I finally have a writing space at home again so I’m also going to be trying to carve out some writing time in the evenings after the kids go to bed or something.

Something else that I’ve slacked on and feel really badly about is that myschiefmanaged from My Lost Lexicon has nominated me for the Leibster Award and I have not yet followed the rules and made my own post on that subject.

So basically, I’m a big ol’ slacker and get ready for an onslaught of posts from me as I attempt to get my world upright again and get back to my writing!